Book: Defining Moments

Kel Rohlf loves WORDS! In her little devotional book, she invites you to “see” God through definitions, Scriptures and everyday experiences. She points out ways to notice God more. So grab your Bible and a dictionary, and relish the adventure of Defining Moments Overflowing with Living Words.

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to determine or identify the essential qualities or meaning of[i]

The unfolding of your words gives light;

it gives understanding to the simple.

Psalm 119:130

I love to look for meaning in everyday occurrences. I have been on a journey these many years seeking answers. I ask why and how come. I wonder to myself. I wonder out loud. I wonder what this life is all about. How did God create this intricate, immense universe that we live in? Why did he let us have words? How did he know that a spoken word could be so healing? Or a story so inviting?

I have been taking three classes, which at first glance seem not to be related. But for me, Intro to Botany, Intro to Acting, and English Comp 102, have a common thread- definition. The dictionary is my favorite book, next to the Bible. I love literature, poems, and even reading my botany text. Sometimes if another student sees me reading the text book they get a bit panicked, because they think they forgot to study for an upcoming exam, but I tell them I’m just reading to help myself better grasp the concepts.

Something else happens in all my classes, not only am I learning the concepts, I see God. I will be listening to a lecture on Critical Thinking, and I realize that the four steps of analysis, synthesis, interpretation, and evaluation are techniques that I have often used to study God’s word. And then, I get excited because some of the terms I learn in Literary Analysis give me a springboard to engage with the poetry of the Psalms in a fresh way. Botany is full of the miracles of the atomic world, the design of plants, and the amazing symbiotic relationship God created between humans and plants. Acting class has taken me out of my comfort zone, and I have learned that inhibitions can be an obstacle to relating one’s character authentically. Inhibitions may have a negative connotation for some people, but when I looked up its definition, I was interested to see that it would do me well to give up some of mine, especially the ones that keep me from honestly expressing myself, as well as just relaxing in God’s sovereignty a bit more often.

These may not seem like gigantic turning points in my life, yet each one affirms my trust in God’s goodness, and a desire for us to see Him in all aspects of our lives.  Filled with moments defined by a God glimpse or an infusion of His grace transforms my everyday life.

This happened recently during worship service, as I was contemplating a very hectic schedule. I was singing my heart out to God, while simultaneously bemoaning the fact that I had really overbooked my life for the coming two weeks. Don’t ask me how this is possible to do both at the same time; it’s just one of those marvels of our God-designed brains. And in that moment, through the gentle whisper of the Spirit, the thought occurred to me, “Why don’t you enjoy each day, instead of just pushing through?” What a relief washed over me. Those two weeks were full and tiring, but everything fell into place, and some things were rescheduled. The daily pressure was relieved by the convergence of God’s grace and my openness to walk through each day with Him as my companion and advisor.

He comes to us in words— the words of a friend, the words of a Botany lecture or the words of an English professor sharing his paradigm on thinking. Yet, my favorite place to feast on words is in the Scripture— a psalm that expresses my emotions, a proverb that points out a practical truth and a prophet who was a man just like you and me (James 5:17-18). Defining moments, where the word of God and our minds, hearts and souls connect in the quickening of life, which result in ordinary me understanding something like the metaphor of a wellspring of life, a watering place that never runs dry. May you enjoy his Presence in the coming days. And keep your heart open for His defining moments.

[i] “define.”

12 thoughts on “Book: Defining Moments

    1. Thanks Dawn! I need to revisit the little book and ask God what He wants next…I have wandered over to ART…and I’m wondering where words fit into all this…of course, journaling is part of the art process…so many ideas, so little time. 🙂

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